Travel: Instagram-Guide für Lissabon

Travel: Instagram-Guide für Lissabon

Ich bin zurück, bin wieder da und freue mich so sehr wieder Inspiration und Motivation für mein Baby aka All is Pretty zu haben. Manchmal tut abtauchen verdammt gut, aber wenn man dann etwas zu lange unter der Oberfläche treibt, wird es schwer, mit den müden Armen wieder nach oben zu rudern. Genug geschnackt, I’m back. Und zwar mit einem Instagram-Guide für Lissabon. Weil es über Ostern ganz spontan zum dritten Mal nach Lissabon geht und ich mich wie bolle darauf freue. Die Stadt, die Vibes, das Essen, die Sonnenuntergänge, die Meerluft, die Sonne, ein bisschen Sommer den ich gerade so sehr brauche. Auch wenn es nur vier Tage sind – who cares – eine kleine Auszeit an meinem happy place.

Also, wer möchte spontan mit mir die Koffer packen? [Read more…]

Wanderlust #1: Paris

Wanderlust #1: Paris
There’s something I might love as much as clothes and fashion: Travel and Holidays.
Who doesn’t, right? While I live in a pretty small town lost in the Alps, I have the chance
to be ideally situated in the middle of Europe – which allows me to go for many
(and by many, I mean never enough) city trips to the most splendid cities of the old continent.
Last year in December, after spending Christmas Eve at home with my family, I went to Paris
to get to know my boyfriend’s family. Since then I decided to go to Paris at least once every year.
(Could be worse right?)

 Now and then I’ll write a couple of lines about some cities I’ve been to.
These are my city-trips posts: Here for my first Wanderlust post: PARIS, France.

all is pretty wanderlust paris all is pretty wanderlust paris
(Pictures via Pinterest here & here)

Two places where to get food: Loulou’s Friendly Dinner and Café Augustin. There are literally
a million places to get some delicious food in Paris. As much as any world’s capital, Paris has
it lot of trendy foodies haven here’s one restaurant I’ve been to enjoy some simple yet
delicious burgers. A little tip for the dessert lovers: keep some appetite for the cheesecake.
You don’t want to miss out on the heaviest yet tastiest cheesecake I’ve ever eaten.
The second spot is a café we stumbled upon in one of these preserved secret streets of Paris
with plenty of cheese store and bakeries and all sorts of traditional delicacies. Go there and
enjoy a coffee or a cocktail in an amazing beautifully crafted décor.
The interior design is just spot-on.

all is pretty wanderlust paris
(Cafe Augustin – photo taken by me)

 What would be Paris without its fashion neighborhood, right? I can highly recommend you to
get lost in its Marais, wander around its streets and get inspired by how the locals dress.
And if you want to get a feel at Paris’ famous fashion labels, a walk down Faubourg Saint Honoré,
ending with a stop by at the mother of all concept stores Colette would trench your thirst for
fashion, luxury, and design novelties.

all is pretty wanderlust paris
(Colette concept store via pinterest)

I could go on forever about Paris since this city is bursting with gems and treasures. And be assure
that I’ll share with you some other of my secret spots.
For now I’ll leave you with a last piece of advice: Do not travel to Paris without checking the current
art or photo exhibitions. Last Christmas we spontaneously stopped by an exhibition of street artist
and stencil maestro C215, and got to enjoy sheer talent while being reminded of some darker yet
not unknown hours of France’s history.

  all is pretty wanderlust paris
( Via Pinterest)

And that’s something I love the most about traveling: While I always have an endless list of
things to do and things to see: the most enjoyable experiences are those you don’t plan.
Now go and travel, my lovelies, and be ready to be surprised.

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