Fringe fever

all is pretty fashion fringes   all is pretty fashion fringes
The fringe fever clearly infected the fashion world. (Not a suede leather jacket without fringes at the
moment or am I wrong?) That’s why I decided for this outfit to display the fringes from the dress and from my all-time favorite Minnetonka shoes.CONTINUE

Inside out: DIY walk in closet

all is pretty interior wardrobe

Inside out: DIY walk in closet is the first part of our new flat I want to show you in details. There is just something very special about having a walk in closet, it’s like a girls dream that finally came true. There wasn’t a second of doubt even though I’m absolutely terrible when it comes to the question: What to wear today? This always leads me and my wardrobe into a huge mess and a pile of clothes on top of a chair.